Professional House Cleaning

Coming home to a clean kitchen, freshly vacuumed floors and well-kept bathrooms gives us all a wonderful feeling.   Buyers love that feeling too!  

That's why we offer Professional house cleaning as a service to our listing clients.   Our residential housekeepers thoroughly clean every room of your home based on your customized cleaning plan.

As our professional house cleaners move through your home, every room is dusted left to right, top to bottom. Starting with cobwebs hiding in hard-to-reach corners and dust that clings to ceiling fans and light fixtures, our maids work top down – not missing a spot. This efficient method helps corral dust and dirt, making it easier to remove from your home.

Moving from the ceiling to your shelves, furniture, counters and other surfaces, our professional maids treat delicate items with care. After dusting the floorboards and ensuring clean surfaces, they begin specific room cleaning procedures to ensure your home is sparkling clean before Buyers arrive. 

You have enough to think about when listing your home for sale.   Having a professional crew clean your home allows you time to sit back and relax before the showings begin. 

Just one more way we go above and beyond the usual real estate company.