Complimentary Professional Photography

Make your home look like a million bucks!  

I simply can't stress enough how important professional photography is to a successful listing.    Your home must make a STUNNING first impression as the quality of the photography has a profound impact on Buyer interest.   

Gone are the days when buying a home involved a phone call to a realtor to search the database of houses on the market.  Almost 98% of all Buyers shop for homes online and those Buyers will decide which homes to view based on the online photos.  That's why it's so important your home to look amazing in the online photos.   If your home doesn't look great in the online photos, Buyers will pass you by and never request a showing. 

Here are a few reasons why we insist on using a professional real estate photographer for ALL of our listings:

  • Professional Photographers Understand the Medium
    • Professional photographers are artists who harnessed their passion for shooting pictures and transformed it into their career.  
    • Professional real estate photographers take photos of houses for a living, and have the knowledge and talent to effectively capture your homes most striking features.
  • They have the Equipment
    • Real estate photography exists in a whole other ballpark that involves lots of technical equipment and expertise.  
    • They come to your door prepared with cameras, lights, Photoshop proficiency, advanced lenses, and more.
  • The Final Product is Eye Catching
    • Only a professional real estate photographer knows exactly what angles, lighting setup, and in some cases, staging is necessary to make jaws drop.
    • Listings that used real estate photographs taken by professionals were shown to receive a 139% increase in clicks, compared to similar listings within the same zip code.  Homes that showcase professional photos in their listings can actually increase in selling price.

Simply Put . . .

Professional real estate photography is a powerful tool that is crucial for the quick and profitable sale of any home.   Realtors that takes the DIY approach to photography are doing a disservice to their sellers. Don't cut corners on something with with a profound impact on attracting Buyers! 

By insisting on professional real estate photography, we can assure that your home’s finest assets will be advertised, while its less-than-stellar corners will be made to appear beautiful.

Professional photos make an ordinary home look extraordinary. 

As with all marketing, we bear the cost of the photography.